The Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association has many opportunities available for skaters of all ages, abilities, and interests.

Is your child interested in learning to skate?

The Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association provides programs that equip skaters with the foundation they need to be successful! Students first participate in our Learn To Skate USA program. This program helps to teach skaters the basic skill sets needed to feel confident on the ice. Once skaters have passed their basic skills tests, GKSA provides opportunities to build on their experience through competition skating and one-on-one private lessons with professional coaches. GKSA coaches offer years of valuable skating experience that can greatly benefit students.

Learn to Skate USA

The Learn to Skate USA program was developed for beginner skaters, ages 3+. Students participate in group lessons where a professional coach instructs them on the basic techniques used by professional figure skaters. GKSA helps to establish the foundation young skaters need to become confident and successful on the ice.


Program Information:

  • Snowplow Sam 1-4 – Designed specifically for preschool children, these levels help develop the strength necessary to maneuver on the ice, utilizing creative games and toys.
  • Basic 1-6  (6 years & up) – Skaters learn forward and backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, turns and Mohawks
  • Pre-Free Skate: Introductory to jumps and spins
  • Hockey 1-4  (6 years & up) – endorsed by USA Hockey as their learn to skate curriculum   From here, skaters may move directly to a learn to play program.
  • Adult 1-6 – designed for the beginning adult skater.

Competition Class

After skaters pass basic 4 they can take classes through our competition program. This fabulous class offers our learn to skate participants a chance to enhance their individual skills. It’s an opportunity available to skaters currently enrolled in our learn to skate program who are in the basic skills levels of 4,5,6 & pre-free skate. Each child will be assigned a GKSA coach to work with them one on one. During this 30 minutes private lesson the skater will prepare a music program to compete at an upcoming basic skills series competition. Meet with one of our learn to skate directors Amy Wood or Jennifer Heurlin-Brenne for more details.

Participation Requirements:

  • Must be currently enrolled in basic 4,5,6 or pre-free skate level.
  • Must be taking learn to skate lessons
  • Agree to travel to 1 or 2 competitions
  • Fill out competition registration form with help from coach


When is the right time to join a figure skating club?

Joining a club is an important step in a figure skater’s life, as this becomes your training home. Once a skater is ready to take official U.S. Figure Skating tests, joining a club becomes necessary. Joining a club after group lessons are the first step to becoming a more advanced skater.


Undecided if you want to join the GKSA?

Try a Trial Membership! 

A skill level of 4 or higher is required.

Full GKSA Membership

Become a member of the Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association to take advantage of our professional coaching staff. Coaches can provide one-on-one training to individual students. Skaters who receive private lessons from a GKSA coach will receive valuable advice, critiques, and refinement that can help them stand out during future competitions and events. There are many benefits to joining the Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association.


Helpful Information & Parent Resouces
If you have additional questions regarding skating, please us the links provided to find out more.